Dispatch Resource Management (DRM)

The Dispatch Resource Management course provides trainees with the tools to prevent incidents and improve dispatch team performance through coordination and communication.

Students learn to:

  • Resolve airline dispatcher conflicts
  • Manage common threat and error (TEM) techniques
  • Improve cockpit resource management (CRM) for dispatchers.

Trainees will also learn about the interpersonal relationships and coordination requirements involved in decision-making and communication within the AOC. The course focus is on prevention of aviation incidents and accidents by improving team performance and communication. This training is mandatory in ICAO member states due to the importance of operational safety.

Why Study this subject?

The Dispatch Resource Management course provides trainees with a number of educational advantages, including:

  • Dispatcher-focused tools and insights
  • Stress management and error avoidance
  • Aviation incident and accident prevention techniques
  • Human interaction management and coordination
  • Aircraft incident case study analysis and discussion.

The purpose of this course is to permit the trainee to be able to successfully demonstrate their knowledge with regards definitions, terms and procedures related to Crew and Dispatch Resource Management. Upon successful completion of the course, the trainee will be issued a Certificate of Completion.

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Module Breakdown/Subjects:
EMT Introduction
Threat and Error Management
 Resource Management
 Automation Management
 Decision Making
 Conflict Management
 Situational Awareness
 Workload Management
 Stress and Fatigue Management
 Roles and Responsibilities

Student will receive a Diploma upon successful completion of the final examination and a license upon passing the General Aviation Authority examination.

Entry Requirements

Basic dispatching experience.


Registration/Student MaterialsUSD 650*


*Tuition Fees inclusive of VAT 5%

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USD 650